To make the next generation the best


Training is continuous and never ending in nature. At GM formacion, we work towards enhancing the skills and capabilities of teachers, parents and students through engaging sessions.

  • Training Teachers

  • Training Parents

  • Training Students

Training Teachers

" The Art of Teaching is the art of assisting discovery. "

Teaching is not just a profession. A teacher enlightens the child and instills values throughout their formative years, transforming them into model citizens. In this ever-changing world of education, teachers must equip themselves with better skills and knowledge to improve the quality of their teaching.

GM Formacion provides a 150 hr long teacher training program complete with regular feedback to transform you into world-class educators. This program covers topics ranging from psychology to counselling, providing you with the necessary skills to treat each child with the care they need.

Training Parents

The parent training program of GM Formacion has been designed to help families deal with the relationship between parents and children in the most effective ways possible. We offer support and education on a wide range of issues ranging from behavioral problems to cognitive development. This program is sure to make parenting easier and help your child thrive.

Training Students

The program is designed to be fun and engaging for all students. Each session would include group activities, individual exercises, and different games to improve a child's confidence and abilities. The sessions would also provide a platform for student's to share their experiences. This provides an insight into how their peers are coping and helps them absorb the strategies they need to succeed.

Students also learn :

  • Memory improvement

  • Learning Strategies

  • Speed Reading

  • Brain Training

  • Personal Productivity

  • Personal Development

  • Time Management


Student Orientation Programme