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Counselling (also sometimes known as therapy) provides an opportunity for you to talk with a trained professional about anything which impacts your psychological well being and daily life. Counsellors don’t provide advice or solutions but work with you to reflect on whatever you find difficult and help you identify healthy strategies to manage. Counselling can help you deal with a range of problems or concerns.

  • Great listeners

  • Good Modeling

  • Academic Support

  • Empathy for their children

At GM Formacion we provide the following Counselling Sessions

Student Counselling

Sometimes, when talking with your friends or family isn’t possible or isn’t enough, it helps to talk with a professional. Personal counselling can help you deal with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, loss, transition, trauma, violence, procrastination, among other concerns.

We offer options ranging from a single session (which many students find is enough) to more regular sessions which can be organized to suit your schedule. They can be supplemented with group activities and workshops to improve their effectiveness.

Family Counselling

Families are a source of support, encouragement, and love, but occasionally relationships within families are put under strain, and family members feel isolated or overlooked. Whatever difficulties you may face as a family, we are here to help. We provide counselling sessions tailored to address your unique needs. These sessions are sure to improve the relationships within your family.


Parents Orientation Programme