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Psychological Tests

We provide psychological tests to gather information about how people think, feel, behave and react. The findings are used to develop a report of the person’s abilities and behavior. It can help an individual choose a career path or can help a corporate choose an employee suited to their needs.

Psychometric Tests

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Biometric Tests

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will help in understanding the unique inborn potential and personality.

We provide DMIT Test for the Following Categories

Children - Age group 3 to 10 years

  • To Know a child's Inborn Talent.

  • Identify the best learning style for your child.

  • Select Activities based upon their innate potential.

  • Identify your child's Multiple Intelligence type.

  • Improve the relationship between parents and children.

Students - Age Group 11 to 17 years

  • To Know Personal Quotients, IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ.

  • Know your analytical and creative Skills.

  • Understand your intrinsic potential.

  • Get your Preferred Learning Style based on Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.

Career Guidance - Age group 16 years and above

  • To Know Personality Types.

  • Develop your core competencies.

  • Recognize your Multiple Intelligence.

  • Know your Strength and weakness based on MI Theory.

  • Find the most suitable learning and leadership style.

Adults - Age 25 years and above

  • Know your hidden talents.

  • Improve your relationships with loved ones.

  • Understand your Values and Characteristics.

DMIT For Teachers

For Schools, Colleges and Institutions

  • Identify your students’ inborn talents and weaknesses.

  • Understand a students’ natural character.

  • Design multi-modality teaching methods.

  • Meet your students’ different learning styles and academic needs.


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