To make the next generation the best


One-on-one Coaching session for

  • Students having learning problems

  • Those who need to improve their self confidence

  • Those who need to improve public speaking skills

  • Those who are preparing for Interviews

A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you utilize your potential and reach your desired results. They will help you identify your goals, hold you accountable, and encourage you throughout your journey of becoming a better version of yourself.

Here at GM Formacion, we provide you a personal training session which will:

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision for what you want

  • Use your coach’s expertise to modify goals as needed

  • Encourage self-discovery and growth

  • Provide a plan of action based on what fits best with your goals, personality and vision

  • Foster accountability to increase productivity

Career coaching conducted exclusively through email or over the phone may be the most cost-effective and viable choice for some people. In most cases, this is perfectly fine. However, if you need extensive help, face-to-face meetings are the way to go. No matter if you decide to go for online or face-to-face coaching sessions, make sure that you choose a life coach, to help you through your journey.


Students Counselling